Whistler Bungee has a perfect safety record. With over 200,000 jumps since opening in 2002, Whistler Bungee provides an extremely safe environment for bungee jumpers of all ages. The Whistler Bungee owners and operators have over 40 years of combined bungee jumping experience and have been in the bungee jumping business since it’s inception in North America, in 1987.

All equipment used by Whistler Bungee has been specifically designed and engineered for bungee jumping. The equipment Whistler Bungee uses meets or exceeds CBA, NABA, BERSA, SANZ and Australian specifications. In addition many of the items also have UIAA, ULI and NFPA approvals.


Whistler Bungee uses 4 different bungee cords to ensure the most comfortable ride possible for each bungee jumper. The weight range of these 4 cords can go from 50lbs – 300lbs. All cords come with the latest safety and protection features including a protective sheath for abrasion and foreign material resistance.